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Strategic Call Center Consulting I love you guys. You're there when we need you but you're not always trying to sell us something. Consulting Call Center Management
Call Center Consulting

Strategic Contact takes a fresh approach to contact center consulting. Our clients tell us we get the job done differently than other firms because we listen to them, provide unbiased feedback and analysis, and deliver high value results. We're passionate about solving call center challenges — whether it's helping steer a new initiative, being a catalyst for change, introducing a new technology, planning for or leading implementation, transferring knowledge, or just providing more hands on deck.

Here's our formula for client success:

Call Center Consulting Services
The familiar saying of "been there, done that" truly reflects our team's background. Our consultants bring years of contact center expertise to every project – from strategy to planning to execution.

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While we're technology experts, we also know that people and process need to surround it in order to optimize it. We help clients take a comprehensive view and build a process-driven, financially sound solution that is aligned with business goals.

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We deliver actions and outcomes, not just glossy reports. And because we focus our efforts on our clients' needs (and not our own), our action plans are collaborative and enable our clients to embrace the projects.

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Industry Insights
Pizza in the Breakroom
– By Lori Fraser, Senior Consulatant
National Association of Call Centers | Volume 9, Issue 3, March 12, 2014

For powerful advice on transforming your contact center culture, we turn to one of America's most celebrated authors, Theodor Geissel (a.k.a., Dr. Seuss). He said, "Fun is good."

The best contact center reps are highly social individuals who love interacting with people, yet have little time for bonding with their fellow reps. In fact, they have little time to do much of anything except absorb their training, boost their occupancy, and lower their AHTs. So if you want to get them on board with initiatives or change that requires something above and beyond the call of duty, think of creative and fun ways to grab their attention and inspire action.

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